Support Scheme Launched for Heritage Sector

A new €300,000 post-pandemic support scheme for organisations working in the cultural heritage sector has been launched by the Maltese & Gozo Government.

A number of cultural heritage organisations have been entrusted over the years with the safeguarding of numerous sites around Gozo and Malta.

The Government, in a statement, said that their task was supported by a number of government initiatives over the years; however, a large percentage of their income came from entrance fees, mostly generated through visits by tourists.

Since this sector has been highly impacted by the pandemic, the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government said that it has sought to create a new support scheme aimed at assisting these organisations in their effort to restart their operations.

Minister José Herrera, speaking during the launch, applauded the commitment and determination that the cultural heritage organisations have shown during the past months in safeguarding the patrimony that was entrusted to them whilst finding new ways of raising awareness about the sector via new digital means.

He said, “we want to continue supporting your efforts, especially during the coming weeks and months, now that, following the challenging months lived together, we can look forward and have hope in giving back life to our heritage sites.”

“I believe that together we can transform these challenging times into an opportunity for a better, more sustainable use of our sites, embracing new ways of safeguarding and sharing these sites,” said Minister Herrera.

Joyce Dimech, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, reiterated the important role cultural organisations play in the administration of our cultural heritage.

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