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Microchipping of Owned Dogs and Cats in Gozo - Gozo SPCA and Ministry for Gozo

Gozo SPCA have been awarded funds, under a Grant from the Ministry for Gozo, to microchip dogs and cats in Gozo. The procedure for inserting the microchip is quick and painless and the animal

suffers no discomfort from the chip which remains in place for the rest of the animal’s life. The microchip holds a unique number which can be read using a special reader. Owners’

details, linked to this unique number, are recorded on a database and can be retrieved quickly if the animal is found. From June 1 st 2021 pet owners can arrange an appointment with either one of the

following Veterinary Clinics:

The Galea Veterinary Clinic Triq Wied is-Seqer, Victoria, Gozo - 21 554 257

The Animal Doctor Triq Karlu Galea, Victoria, Gozo - 99 823 658

At each clinic you will be given a simple form to complete before the procedure. For dogs, once the microchip details have been entered onto the database you will receive a document through the post which should be kept safe throughout the animal’s life. At present no documents are issued for cats so you will need to keep the number safe.

The project will run from June to November 2021 and funds are limited so it is important to make your appointment early to ensure that your pet is chipped and registered.

If you need further information please call Gozo SPCA on 21553769 any morning from 8am to 11 am.

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