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Updated: May 2

Just like its larger sister, the island of Malta in the Mediterranean, Gozo offers a beautiful calendar of traditional and seasonal events, including its very own and different type of carnival and lots of summer festivals.

Every year, there is a season of local and international events, music festivals, entertainment and commercial exhibitions.

Whatever your particular interest, maybe, you are sure to find activities for the whole family to enjoy. Take your pick from performances by international contemporary music stars, classical music concerts and jazz festivals, amongst many others.

Gozo is famous for the passion and enthusiasm that they put into organising the festivals and activities.

For example. The residents of Gozo love opera. There are two theatres located within a few metres of each other in the capital of Gozo, which is Victoria.

Gozo also is host to various sports championships and tournaments, with football and horseracing being the most popular.

Although Gozo is only 65 sq kilometres in size, Gozo has an incredibly active year-round cultural life, quite remarkable for such a small island.

Gozo's vibrant calendar of annual events includes its different carnival, an opera festival and numerous summer fiestas, as well as a whole-hearted celebration of the more prominent religious festivals. Every year also sees an eclectic blend of one-off local and international events, performances and exhibitions.

Summer & Winter, something is happening in Gozo, and that usually means celebration and fun. Gozo enjoys an events calendar featuring an exciting mix of local and international events.

Gozo's vibrant performing arts scene also offers a surprisingly diverse repertoire of theatre, opera, and dance.

Moreover, Gozo plays host to an exciting array of international sporting events. If you are looking for an authentic Maltese experience, then look out for traditional events such as village festivals, Carnival and Holy Week celebrations.

The Covid Situation in Gozo & Malta has had a severe impact on the calendar of events during 2021, however Gozoevents.com will be working on the most comprehensive events Calendar for Gozo during 2021 & 2022 as the situation improves.

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